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Self-Harm and Suicide

Suicidal behaviour, ideation and depression are common in the girls we see. Often they feel hopeless and are not physically mature enough to be able to see their lives on a long term basis. Suicide becomes an acceptable option. Abuse and depression compound this making it more difficult to look for options and light at the end of the tunnel. At Beacon Home we work closely with psychiatrists and psychologists to explore the reasoning behind the ideation and come up with safety plans, self-esteem, inventory and self worth programs that help the child get a realistic picture of themselves.

Unlike suicidal clients, self harmers are trying to cope with their problems and they do this by cutting, burning, or mutilating their bodies. This is a very gratifying way of dealing with the problem because it gets instant results

At Beacon Home we take a common sense, practical approach to self harm. We first seek to reduce the risk, not eliminate the behaviour. To take away a strategy that works in a girls mind leaves them craving and seeking to hurt themselves even more. Instead we work with the child to find out the causes for the behaviour and the effect that she is seeking. Together we come up with lower risk alternatives and safety plans designed to take the place of the harming behaviour. With the understanding of why the behaviour happens comes a desire and confidence to change it with less incidence of relapse.

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