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What a Beacon is
to  those  in a storm,
so we will strive to be for
 the young women in our house

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Individual and Group Programs


As each person is different, so we strive to tailor our programming choices to the needs of each girl. We pull from many resources and the end result is a program that enhances a girl's strengths and complements her weaknesses. We have access to clinical services on an as needed basis. We use psychiatrists, psychologists and specialized counselling.


Group programming is important in that it allows our girls to be part of something bigger and put their own problems in perspective. It combats feelings of being alone and promotes hope, compassion, safety and solidarity. We use group to encourage opinions and the ability to express them in assertive ways. Compassion and healing come from support and acceptance within the peer group. It also allows for free form thinking, problem solving and reality based sharing of experience. Action plans, risk assessment, and role playing are by-products the girls create from discussion within the group. Carefully led by facilitators, the girls often explore and develop solutions based on conversation brought out in group sessions.

Sample program for client with eating / food related concerns

In house individual counselling surrounding nutrition, meal planning, self-worth,
      triggers, health, self-esteem

Outside counselling and workshops (psychiatric, body imaging)

Group program dealing with media and peer pressures, coping skills

Individual projects reinforcing concepts learned and planning strategies used

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  Individual and Group Programs
  Self Harm and Suicide


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